Monday, February 8, 2010

What Would You Do?

Happy Monday from partly sunny Orlando! So, here's a question for you as the week begins. My original flight back to Baltimore was for this afternoon. I tried beginning two days ago to contact AirTran to see if waiting a day would be helpful for all. Their system is so overloaded that I never got through after almost 2 hours of waiting on hold. (Thank goodness for free night and weekend minutes!) Since that was unsuccessful, I tried going online to see what options might exist because often carriers waive transfer fees, etc. when it's a weather caused reason. That system crashed too with the message, "Contact AirTran directly to talk with a representative". Been there, done that, to no avail.

The next thought was to fly out tomorrow and miss the incoming storm predicted for Wednesday in the same area. Then I got up this morning to discover this amended forecast.

More snow, beginning tomorrow with as much as 5" to a foot depending on who has the most accurate forecast.

After talking with the almost snowbound husband who got out in the mess to go to work and seeing many pictures from friends on Facebook and reading airport news and local newspaper advice, I think I'm waiting 'til Friday or Saturday to try and head back. We still have to go to the Orlando airport this morning and get all this straightened out since talking with a human being on the phone is an impossible task. But...once that's over, we're heading to the Magic Kingdom to take advantage of the best weather day predicted for the week. When in doubt, go to Disney, right??

This could be viewed as extremely irresponsible or extremely brilliant depending on your perspective. So, again, the question of the day...what would you do? :)


mark meldrim said...

My actions would be a carbon copy...after all...why not?? Miss you guys...

Judy said...

I love your plan! Soak up that sun and enjoy your gal while you can.

Erin said...


Glenda said...

I think you made the BEST decision!