Friday, February 5, 2010

Definitely Still Winter!

I'm sitting in Tiffany and Nikki's apartment with the screen door open to the balcony as I read online all the cancellations happening in the Baltimore area as the giant snowstorm approaches. While watching two feet of snow fall in just a few hours time would be really fun to see, I think I'm definitely in the best place to ride out this storm. :)

The weather here isn't great - rain and thunderstorms due later this afternoon which postponed our Disney trip for the day. But once they move through, it "cools down" to around 60 and sunny. I think I can live with that.

This morning I've had fun playing with my grandkitty and just enjoying a leisurely beginning to the day. The air mattress I was sleeping on last night acquired a leak since the last time it was used, so sleep wasn't great as I moved to the couch in the middle of the night. But it makes for a funny story (now that I'm awake) and we'll be replacing it this afternoon.

We'll keep you updated as the weekend progresses. Have a great Friday!

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