Tuesday, June 9, 2009


As I'm typing this, we're waiting for friends of Tiffany and Michael to arrive from Boston so they can go to DC with us tomorrow. It was a very last minute idea and surprisingly, their schedules worked out so it could happen. Hamp is flying to Atlanta early in the morning for a customer meeting and will stay overnight so he can leave with Matthew on Thursday to drive back to Baltimore. I'm beginning to think the phrase "new normal" is going to be quite an adventure for our family.

I've been thinking a lot about the phrase "the sacredness of the everyday" since I last wrote. I've been keeping up the walking and in doing so have seen little things I might have otherwise overlooked as I've been more aware of looking for God in them. I keep thinking about the words to "Scenes", a song by Charlie Hall from the album "Bright Sadness", and decided to share the chorus with you along with a few pictures I've taken recently.

I see You in every scene, I bet You are thinking about me,
I have such a short memory so You keep reminding me of You

While it's pretty easy to be reminded of God in scenes like this, I've noticed more everyday things as well. Here are a few:

the bird on top of a lamp post serenading anyone who would listen

the cat that lives near a pier I walk on that stops for a pat as I pass

salty air being blown around by a fresh morning breeze

small raindrops scattering from the heavens refreshing the land

the homeless man sitting bleary eyed in the early morning warmth

happy dogs of all shapes and sizes on their morning walks

hurried people passing by getting their morning exercise

I'm sure you could come up with your own list that initially might seem insignificant, but when viewed through the lens of God's perspective, it becomes everday sacredness. What will lift your mind toward Him today?


Hannah said...

I love this post and pictures. I know what you mean about seeing God in everything-I can say my eyes have been opened like never before since Grant was born. I love you Auntie Grandma!

your brother said...

Great pictures! I like what you say about seeing God in/and through what seem like little, ordinary, everyday things that we so easily overlook. It reminds me of a statement one of my favorite artists said at a concert I saw several years ago. It was during the introduction to a song about a teenaged boy that found himself living a life that wasn't suited or intended for someone of his age. Anyway, the quote was, "Children are a window to God's Grace in the world". Next time you're in a busy place and there's a small child around, step back and watch them for a few moments and see if you don't find that to be true.