Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Busy and Hot!

So sorry for the delay in posting. The internet isn't being connected at Tiffany and Nikki's apartment until tomorrow (I'm "borrowing" somebody's right now who has an unsecured site) and there's been no time to think about going somewhere to catch up online.

Trucks are unpacked, boxes are mostly unloaded, belongings are finding places to be stored, and poor Ellie is almost stressed beyond her limit. She's finally come out from under Tiffany's bed and is currently conked out on top of it beside me as I type. Poor kitty. All the extra people and chaos will be over soon and hopefully she'll begin to recover.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have lunch with my mom's sister who only lives about an hour away. I might get to see two of my cousins, so that will be fun. Tiffany hopes to go with me, but she's been sick for the last week with a bad cold, so we'll see how she feels in the morning.

Hopefully tomorrow I can share some pictures of their apartment. It's in a new complex, convenient to any kind of shopping they could want, and only 10 minutes from Disney World. We heard the fireworks tonight and if they walk to a different building right down the road, they'll be able to see them. And yes, it's hot. But it's not so different from GA in that you just don't go outside in the middle of the day if you can help it. Come wintertime, I'm sure we'll all be hearing about the amazing warm temperatures they're experiencing in the sunshine state.

I'm leaving on Wednesday to begin the LONG drive back home. I'll stop in GA for the night and hope to make it back to Baltimore on Thursday, but we'll see. I'm more than a little tired of all the driving....

For now, it's time for bed. Sleep has been scarce and I'm due for a decent night's sleep. Maybe tonight??

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