Monday, June 15, 2009

I've Hit the Wall

I knew it was going to happen. You can only keep going at breakneck speed for so long and then your body says, "No more"! It's too bad for me that this has occurred while at the very beginning of my 3 week marathon road trip that will have me driving from Baltimore to Boston to Baltimore to Atlanta to Orlando to Atlanta and finally back to Baltimore right before the 4th of July.

I am currently sitting in a quaint inn in Magnolia, MA located right up the street from Tiffany and Michael's apartment. It's very quiet and also very chilly. I was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a light pullover fleece, and then a heavier fleece jacket for most of the day. It's the middle of June, people!! It's definitely still spring here and I will take some pictures tomorrow to prove that to you. Of course, in about 2 weeks when we're unloading a truck in 90+ degree heat in Orlando, I will wish for this cooler air, but I think it contributed to my over-stimulated mental state today.

For those of you who might have worried about us in DC last Wednesday when the shooting at the Holocaust Museum took place, we obviously survived. We did almost get run over by two police cars racing to the scene and had our wanderings around the city detoured many times due to roadblocks, etc. We were inside the Capitol on a tour when it happened and it was a very sobering reminder of how fragile our freedom is. We had a great time, walked several miles, got to know new friends, and had fun seeing the city. We now have a better idea of how much to see in one day, so we'll be better tour guides in the future.

This past weekend, the Braves came to Baltimore to play the Orioles. Hamp's company has season tickets, and we were able to go to the game on Friday. If you're a fan, you will know that this was the only game the Braves won of the series. It was Tommy Hanson's first major league win and if he ends up being the pitcher he's been projected to be, someday we'll get to tell our grandchildren that we were there.

Most of the people that have come to Baltimore to work with the Gallery Church, which is where we're going, are from the Atlanta area and went to the game too. Ellis and his family are the lone Orioles fans of the group, so for Friday night at least, our trash talking was backed up by our team's play. Yeah, not so much the rest of the weekend......

Joey was able to come up for the weekend and go to the game with us, so we took the water taxi from where we live in Fells Point to the stop close to Camden Yards. It's a fun way to travel if the water doesn't smell bad. Fortunately for us, it was a nice evening.

Yes, we did wander around the city in our Braves shirts, but people were nice about it and let us pull for our team. I'll let you know if the same thing holds true this Friday when we go to Fenway Park in Boston to watch the Braves play the Red Sox.

I'm going to try and reset my inner clock, so I'm off to bed before midnight. While I'll be helping Tiffany get things sorted and packed, there will be some time to relax and also walk around the beautiful area where they live. I'm hoping the down time I do have will recharge my tired self for the busy weekend ahead. Next time you check, I should have some gorgeous spring flower pictures to share with you. :)


Tiffany Jones said...

At least in your hitting the wall, you are spending lots of time with your fabulous family!! Glad you're here on this journey.... :)

Glenda said...

Love you dear tired princess friend! I sure hope when this moving time is all done, you will be able to sit back with your favorite books or movies and RELAX A BIT! I'm sure Tiffany will want you to do that after all this. Sending LOTS of hugs!