Monday, June 22, 2009

Home again, home again...for a night!

I'm not sure how many out there are reading and/or care about the comings and goings of our family, but for any who might, I wanted to let you know that Hamp, Tiffany, Ellie, and I all made it safely to Baltimore. Hamp's flight was cancelled from Boston so we rearranged the vehicles and he drove his truck and I rode with Tiffany and Ellie in the only remaining seat available. Ellie did well, but was very stressed and not a very happy kitty. We took her straight to our extra bedroom where she and Tiffany will sleep and I'm not sure Kit knows she's here. We hope to keep it that way!

I'm trying to do a little laundry, catch up on a few bills, get some sleep, and leave things neat and organized for my sweet, tired hubby before I drive away again tomorrow. I had to repack my suitcase. All fleeces, coats, raincoats, and jeans are staying behind as I head from a rain-soaked northeast coast to what could be the 7th layer of hell. :) The reports we're hearing doesn't make me want to head too much further south, but it must be done since Orlando is in the state of Florida and that's the final destination.

Tiffany and I will be in separate vehicles for the rest of the trip and we hope we can last tomorrow and actually make it all the way to Atlanta. We'll see how that goes.....

I have a few pictures from the final day or two as we prepared to leave Gloucester. It was hard for all of us to leave Michael, Matthew still wonders why his whole family abandoned him in GA, and while still excited about the move, Tiffany is realizing how extreme the weather is about to be for her. I just keep having moments of amazement at how different life is from how I thought it would be at this time in my life. And Hamp tries to keep up with us all. :)

This is Ellie who is beginning to suspect that life is about to change drastically for her and isn't too happy about it.

Here are Steve and Tiffany as we're all getting ready to head to Boston for the second game of the Braves vs. the Red Sox over the weekend. We had him outnumbered, but his team prevailed.

That's it for now because I must go to sleep. Check in on us and I'll try to update often to keep you caught up. One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that I follow several blogs of friends and I have their links on the side of my blog page. Check out some of them occasionally and see what exciting things are going on with others you may know.

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