Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Driving...Lots of Driving

This is just a quick hello to let you know that Tiffany and I (and Ellie) made it as far as Gastonia, NC before we could go no more. We haven't slept a lot this past week and when you are driving alone with no one to share the duties, it just makes for a longer day. So we decided to be safe and hopefully get a good night's sleep before finishing the drive to Atlanta tomorrow. We're living in denial right now about how much driving is still in front of us. And I'm really living in denial because I have to get back to Baltimore after Tiffany and Nikki are unloaded in Orlando. One day at a time...God knew what He was doing when He told us to live that way. :)

I do want to give Ellie public recognition for how well she's traveling. She stays in her bed hiding under the pillow with an occasional peek out. She gave up protesting her plight very early in the trip when I guess she realized we weren't going to stop. But when we do stop for the night, she's back to her happy little self in just a few minutes and is checking out whatever new surroundings she's in. Tomorrow she gets Uncle Matthew's whole house to herself and she will be quite the queenly kitty for a few days before we move her to the desert that is called Florida right now. Here she is getting comfortable in our old smoke smelly hotel room and yes, we had permission to bring her in and had to pay a little extra to do so. Now let's hope she's tired enough to sleep quietly throught the night!

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