Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Weddings, A Shower, and A Birthday

It's hard to believe, but my extended stay in GA is up and I leave in the morning to begin the journey back to Baltimore. My first stop is the airport where I will drop Michael off so he can return to Boston and then I will head to Charlotte to stay for the night. It's really nice of Rich and Judy to live there so I have a place to sleep as I travel to and from Atlanta.

Friday I will take the longer and less stressful route to avoid DC as Memorial Day weekend begins. It's been a great visit with lots of celebration and time spent with friends and family. My brain is still trying to absorb the fact that I don't live here anymore and it's not convinced yet. It's been very surreal trying to process all that has come across my path in the last two weeks and I'm guessing it will take some time. I'm sure you will be the recipient of some of the ponderings in the days to come.

This past weekend was Nathan and Whitni's wedding and it was a wonderful couple of days. As has been the case in recent months, the past and present collided which reinforced yet again how life is like a tapestry with every person and experience a part of the whole. Our family had some special moments with friends from years back as well as those we've recently left behind.

The highlight of the weekend, obviously, was Nathan and Whitni's wedding. But we also captured some nice shots of random people, the beautiful surroundings, and whatever happened to catch our eye. Baby Grant Baldwin, Hannah and Jaq's sweet son found himself passed around often and the object of many pictures.

Some tender moments were captured of Nathan and Whitni as prayers were prayed over them several times during the rehearsal evening and wedding day.

The happy bride and groom were excited throughout the ceremony and we were all challenged to support them and the covenant they were making to God and to each other.

Even though it was a solemn and serious commitment being made, when good friends get together, fun is going to break out. At the reception, there was a photo booth where you could get pictures taken like we did with friends many years ago. Don't tell us we're too old to do something like this or that we won't fit anymore. That's just a challenge that this group won't back down from.

Before I head to bed, I want to wish Matthew a very happy 29th birthday. Michael and I stayed in town an extra two days so we could celebrate with him. It's a hard time of year to have a birthday because as a teacher, he's always at the end of the school year and not able to really get away, so we bring the party to him. Matthew, I can't wait to see what God has planned for you in this last year of your 20's. You are a gifted and handsome young man and God has a plan for you that is good and will bring hope. May God bless you with your best year yet!


Glenda said...

Busy time in GA but obviously filled with lots of fun with family and friends. Loved the pictures so much! It's so funny you and I both have a son named Matthew who turned 29 in 2009. :)

Safe travels home...
I love you dear friend and will cherish you always.

In Him, Glenda

Anonymous said...

It makes me tired all over again just reading your "recap"! :) This has been a wonderful and crazy couple of weeks. I will be very sad to see you leave today. In just the last few years your family has become such a part of our past and I am counting on you always being a part of our future as well.

Blessings my friend . . . .