Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taking a Break

I have a request for all of you - remind me the next time I'm complaining about not really having much to do as a newcomer to Baltimore how tired I am right now! Since leaving last Thursday, I've driven to Charlotte, the rest of the way to Kennesaw, went to/helped with a rehearsal dinner, went to a wedding, went to/helped with a baby shower, was treated to a Mother's Day lunch, drove to Publix in Vinings to celebrate with my mom, and went to the May gathering of Passion City Church. And all of this was before I went to bed Sunday night.

I have a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding that I wanted to share for those of you not on Facebook. Friends of the bride's family graciously opened their home and back yard for the rehearsal dinner and it was absolutely beautiful! This shot of the pool with the waterfall gives you an idea of the setting.

Not to take away from the finished result of all the planning, cooking, and organizing, I must confess my favorite thing was the groom's cake. We first met Ryan and his family when he and Tiffany were in elementary school and then they were in band together in high school. For any other band parents out there, you know that means we spent LOTS of time together on trips, hauling percussion equipment on and off the field, etc. Since he's newly married and now an "adult", I'll just say that the cake was perfect for Ryan and leave it at that.

The wedding on Saturday was fun as I got to see a lot of friends of my kids from high school and college days. We were sad our whole family couldn't be here for it, but between distance, work, and school schedules, it couldn't be helped. Ryan and Rachel were very ready for the day and the wedding ceremony was one of the best I've heard. Sadly, marriage in today's world doesn't seem to be taken as seriously as God intended and the church is not exempt from this reality. The pastor made very clear the seriousness of the commitment they made to each other and to God and the responsibility of those attending to help them keep that same commitment. Congratulations, Ryan and Rachel, and may God bless your new family.

In between weddings, I'm trying to see some friends, get some errands run since I know where everything is, cook a meal or two for Matthew and Joey, and be available to help where needed for the next wedding. The rest of the family arrives Friday afternoon and once I pick them up from the airport, we head to Stone Mountain for the weekend which is where the wedding is taking place.

Oh - for those of you that have been praying for Tiffany, she is doing better. The severe symptoms of the detox process have eased considerably and she's able to eat more and is feeling more like herself. She only has a couple of weeks left at work and then will be getting ready to move to Orlando. And, yes, I'll be back on the road again helping her and Ellie do just that. There should be lots of fun stories in the near future to share!

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Glenda said...

So glad to hear Tiffany is feeling much better! It has been a rough process for her. I pray this never happens again!

Loved seeing the groom's cake - hilarious!

Dear friend, you are a person that is hard to slow down. Listen to your body and rest when you can. Life has been a big whirlwind for you for so long, that I just can't wait for you to be able to stop and just "be"!

Love you! Hugs,Glenda