Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be Here Now

Time is a funny thing. It actually is one of the few truly constant things in life. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day. Yet depending on what the circumstances are in our lives, time can feel like it has stopped or that it's going by so fast you can't keep up. Life consists of beginnings and endings, but when it's all said and done all we really have is the this moment.

I've written about this before as I was reading Brennan Manning where he shares how we are to live in nowhere; in now/here. Steven Curtis Chapman has exhorted us through song to live in this moment, and God Himself tells us the same. Yet if you're like me, you spend most of your time either looking back or looking ahead and not present in the here and now.

Having your world shattered apart and not knowing where the pieces will land is an effective way to begin to break this pattern. So is packing up a lifetime of possessions and memories and unpacking them in an unfamiliar place. The past has been wrapped up for the most part by the nature of the process. The future is a blank slate because you don't know what's down the street, let alone around the corner. And I think God knew exactly what He was doing when He allowed both to come to our family.

It has been helpful having a car here these two weeks because everyone has been so busy with all that's been going on so I didn't have to inconvenience anyone. Plus, I've gotten lots of errands run and been able to see a few friends here and there.

I've been at Matthew's house this week and not really able to relax much because he and Joey have been just as busy. While we were eating dinner a couple nights ago, we did see part of the cute bunny family that lives in the thicket at the end of his back yard. The baby ran off too fast, but here's an older and apparently calmer member of the family that cooperated for the picture.

After a quieter day today, I'll be picking up the rest of the out of town family members from the airport around lunchtime tomorrow and then we head to Stone Mountain for a fun wedding weekend. Those are still bittersweet times for us, but God continues to heal and we can truly rejoice with those who rejoice. We will probably look back a moment or two, and probably ponder the future's horizon, but at the end of the day, we hope to be here now...where God is still "I am".


debbie said...

I know it's still hard sometimes. I sure am glad you were here to refoice and celebrate with all of us "Georgians"! I love your family and getting to do life with you--even if it's only in spippets now and then. :)

I'd rather have a snippet with a Jones than a crumpet with most anyone else.

Glenda said...

Loved your admonition:

Live nowhere

Live now/here

Never seen it put quite like that before.

Love you, Glenda