Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Gray Day

I am tired of the color gray. It's not a particularly attractive color anyway, but when you see it day after day, it seems to permeate everything around it. The air today has a smoky haze to it which you should be able to see from this picture.

Even though the air around the harbor is still not very pleasant to breathe, I thought maybe a walk would help redeem the day. Nope, not today. Let me explain why. This is a map of Fells Point which is where we live.

The area marked #13 is where our apartment is located. While we do technically live on the water, you can see that we're not really near open water. There are lots of piers along the streets and the water just kind of stops as it hits land. Consequently, debris and trash can end up there depending on the weather, water current, etc. There is a cool trash picking boat that comes around and cleans the water, but there are times it can't keep up. Today was one of those days and this was what the water looked like by our parking lot.

Kinda sad, huh? Then as I began walking, I noticed that some of the dead fish had drifted into our dead end water. Yuck!

I did have a smiley moment as I passed these two sleeping on the walkway where I stood to take the picture of the poor departed fish. I guess the water was a bit much for them today too.

Even now as I look out our window, the day is still just...gray. Yet, I find that surprisingly my soul is OK. I'm sure that's partly because I know that this stale air is about to be pushed out to sea bringing fresh air in its place. I think life is like that sometimes. What we see around us is so gray we can't imagine it ever changing. But above the clouds and in the winds of change, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, freshness is ushered in, and the world is bright again.


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Tiffany Jones said...

The poor, poor dead fishies. And poor, poor Mum for having to smell the dead fishies. I can't wait to see you soon! Love you!

Glenda said...

Great post!