Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've Arrived!

It's official - we are now living in Baltimore. It's very surreal to even be typing those words. I know I'm too tired to process what that means, but I did want you to know that we arrived safely. The roads were great, the sun was out, and there was snow on the sides of the road and in the trees the entire way from Greenville. It really was a beautiful drive. And I can't go any further without publicly giving Kit the props she needs for being such a brave kitty!! I have a few pictures, but they'll have to wait for now.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00, the chaos will continue as the U-Haul will be unloaded and the apartment will be filled to the brim. There is a lot in front of us all as Hamp has things at work that need to be dealt with as well. To top it off, my new laptop is not working right and I'm not sure where to even start with that. Because of that, my entries may be limited for a little while since Hamp's computer will be at work with him during the day. Life in the 21st century, right??

Thanks to all of you who have loved on us, encouraged us, and prayed for us on this journey so far. Please don't stop now - I think the hardest part is still to be lived. God was so good to have Ellis and Ginger, their sweet kids, and a couple of others from church take a few minutes and come welcome us to Baltimore and pray over us. It was a much needed reminder that God not only went before us, but He's here now and also with all of those we love and left behind. I'm sure there are more tears to fall, but my prayer is that they will keep my heart soft and open to whatever God has for both me and Hamp and the rest of our family.

Kit would like you to know that she's supervising this entry being typed and that she has usurped Ellie as the wondercat of the family!! But Ellie has a chance to dethrone her when she travels from Boston to Orlando later this summer. We'll see if she's up to it.


Tiffany Jones said...

Welcome home! :) Can't wait to see the pictures of Kit. Remember, one moment at a time. I love you!

Janet said...

You should be in bed getting some much needed sleep! I love ya'll.

Glenda said...

You will be proud of me for going to bed early but as usual I woke up so I just had to come check out your blog. I'm thankful you had a safe journey to Baltimore and such a warm welcome when you arrived. It truly touched my heart that you were blessed with prayer by your new "family" there. I love you! Hugs,Glenda