Friday, March 6, 2009

A Week In Review

Good Friday evening to you! As I'm typing this, we're watching Harry Potter on television and letting the big dryers downstairs in the laundry room dry some clothes. The one in our apartment isn't working well and we won't be able to get it checked until Monday. After being with Tiffany as she does laundry, however, you'll get no complaining from me. I don't have to go outside and I have an elevator instead of 3 flights of stairs

There's no way I can revisit this past week in detail because it's been so full. As I was thinking about it some today, I realized that in my attempt to document Kit's travel adventures in pictures, I actually captured a good summary of our trip.

Before we left, she got curious and got in her crate to check things out. I was glad to see this and hopeful she would do OK once we got going.

It seems hard to believe with the temperatures we're having now, but the weather kept us wondering if we could even head northeast on Monday as planned because of all the snow that had fallen. We finally left around 4:30 and ended up only making it to Greenville before we stopped for the night.

We left early on Tuesday morning and ended up driving the rest of the way to Baltimore. It was a very long day and we all got tired of the ride. Kit felt safe in her crate and stayed in it most of the time, but every once in a while, she would venture out and ride in the seat.

There was snow on the sides of the road making it a beautiful drive. Kit and I led the way and Hamp followed in the U-Haul in case I had to make a quick exit with her.

We got to Baltimore around 7:00 but weren't able to unload the truck until the next day. Of course, the apartment was (and still is) a mess and the chaos pushed Kit to her limit. I found her several times attempting to get above it all and out of the madness.

She would occasionally relax enough to rest some, but still hasn't fully recovered. Once we got her bed set up, she was able to finally get some much needed sound sleep.

We have taken time to explore a bit, run some errands, and even made a few purchases such as Kit's new perch so she can see out the window. I think she would tell you (and I agree) that while life can sometimes be stressful and unpredictable, if we survive the changes, new adventures await and they just might be fun!


Glenda said...

I love your cat! You certainly have a gift for capturing life through her eyes with your camera too. Moving into a smaller place is never easy, even with all the preplanning I know you tried to accomplish. I hope you don't feel too overwhelmed. I'd say follow the example of when you need to in whatever comfy place you can find! I love you sweet friend! Hugs,Glenda

Glenda said...

Just had to say, I love the picture of Kit sleeping on top of the refrigerator! Smart cat!


Tiffany Jones said...

Kit is cute! :)

Janet said...

Don't you wish you could climb on top of the fridge & just stay there! Love you & miss you.

Erin said...

So glad you made it safely.