Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a Sign!!

Good Monday morning to all!! In all my scurrying about to keep getting ready, I just walked through the living room and saw this cute sight.

Kit apparently couldn't resist the snuggly fleece inside her crate and has decided to nap there this morning. I figure if the cat has willingly gone into the dreaded crate and is happy, then we need to leave today. :)

The goal is to leave early afternoon and we'll head up I-85 toward Charlotte. From there we'll head more west to avoid the madness that is the eastern coast right now. We'll stay somewhere overnight, hopefully getting a good six hours behind us before we stop. The road conditions further north on Tuesday morning will determine when/if/what time we'll leave.

We'll check in tonight with you and let you know how it's going. It looks to be a very emotional day just getting out of town, so keep praying for us all!


Glenda said...

You are in my prayers and always on my heart dear friend! Kit looked so cute! Hugs,Glenda

Tiffany Jones said...

She is SO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to hear how she handles the trip. I'm sure she will amaze us with her calm coolness as she becomes a cultured kitty. I love you!