Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Busy Week

It's a quiet Saturday morning with the sun shining over the harbor outside our window. Hamp is on his laptop with a wireless connection thanks to yet another router change while mine still has to be hard wired to access the internet. This remains one of the more intriguing issues we have yet to solve.

Our first visitors, Karen and Bob, left on Thursday morning and Tiffany arrived last night for a quick weekend visit. The girls in the family (including Kit) seem to be the ones having the most adjustment issues with life these days and we decided a face to face visit would be helpful for us all.

We finally have the apartment mostly settled and as promised, here are a few pictures of how things look. As you come in the front door, here's the first thing you see.

This was made for me by a dear friend in 1985 and has followed us from house to house since then. There's nothing to add except to say, "Amen"!!

The apartment opens up once you pass the strangely shaped column in the middle of the entry way (the apartment building used to be a canning company) and you see the dining table and living room area. Our furniture is still in the house trying to sell it, so this is the rental stuff. We did bring our recliner which gave us some arranging challenges, but we're glad it's here.

To the right of the dining area is where we set up our Ikea desk that really hasn't been very helpful yet since the wireless connection doesn't work for my computer. If we can't resolve the problem, then we'll be running a very long cord around the perimeter of the room.

The kitchen is behind the dining area and has two openings into it. The washer and dryer are located at the end of the stove. When Hamp first moved in, the washer died and when they replaced it, the new one was too big for the space. He took the door off that couldn't close anymore and we added the curtain (another Ikea purchase) to hide it a little. There is a tiny area that was designed for a table, so we turned it into the pantry thanks to shelves from Home Depot. The light there is in the way but the apartment manager said they would replace it, so we just bought one that will hopefully save my head! We were able to bring our small freezer which fit perfectly in this spot too. The work station with very helpful shelves was also bought at Ikea and it gave us the rest of the room needed to store kitchen stuff and added additional working space.

There's a hall from the kitchen/livng area that passes the tiny bathroom on the left and goes straight into the extra bedroom. Our bedroom is on the right at the end of the hall. We brought the furniture for our room which did fit with some very creative arranging. The other room still has the rental bed in it until we figure out the best way to maximize the space while providing room for visitors to sleep.

I have some pictures from when Karen and Bob were here, but those will have to wait until the next entry which I'll post later this weekend. Most of the settling has been done as far as moving goes, but our calendar presents some interesting challenges in the weeks ahead including a birthday trip to Braves spring training with Michael next week and 3 weddings in GA from mid-April to mid-May. And yes, we're still trying to sell the house with someone coming to look at it today. I don't think boredom will be an issue for quite some time. :) Enjoy the sunshine today wherever you are!


Glenda said...

Your apartment looks so comfy! You've done a great job of arranging everything, and I can recognize bits of your home here in your new home so I bet that has helped. You are gifted with using space wisely!

Love you so much!

Erin said...

I love this apartment! The adjustment period will take time, but it'll come.

Janet said...

I love your apartment! When you finally get the rest of your things in it, I hope you'll grow to love it too. Love you & Miss you!

tawn said...

You have a very charming apartment. I love all the exposed brick.

The time will come and you will call it home.

Love to you and Hamp.