Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

I'm sitting in a quiet hotel room in Orlando while Michael and Hamp are back at Bay Hill Country Club following Tiger Woods as he plays his second round of the tournament going on this weekend. Poor Mickey Mouse lost out to Tiger for the chance to celebrate with Michael when one of is friends offered VIP passes for today's round. We'll link back up early this afternoon and see what else the birthday boy wants to do, but relaxing by the pool was a serious consideration as we talked about it yesterday.

I had a couple of cool pictures from yesterday that I downloaded onto my computer, but I can't get it to work with the hotel connection. (I'm using Michael's who got to the outlet first when we checked in.) I don't know if it's because only one computer can be logged in to the internet access or what.

Speaking of home, I also wanted to pass along the news that we have an offer on our house in Kennesaw. It's still in the negotiating stages and may not pan out, but I suppose it's good news to be at this stage. I have found myself a little sad as I think about the reality of truly not having a "home" there anymore. My head knows that's the case for now, but the rest of me still has issues in accepting it all.

Time to head outside in this warm, but cloudy day. We see that most of those we know and love are considering ark plans these days. We're so sorry for you but we're not complaining that the rain so far has stayed north of Orlando. If I get the picture problem figured out, I'll try to get some posted, but tomorrow is the Braves game and we'll be out early. Stay safe and dry!


Glenda said...

Hope you have fun at the Braves game!

Keep us posted on the house...


Glenda said...

Hahaha....meant to say, "Hope you HAD fun at the Braves game!"

Safe journey back to Baltimore!

Love typos!


whatupwebb said...

I hope the house offer worked out. We had was less then encouraging and didn't work out. Oh well, I guess God just hasn't brought the right people by yet.