Monday, March 23, 2009


I have realized once again that for the most part, life is all about perspective. It was a beautiful day in Baltimore today, except it was about 20 degrees colder than I would have liked. Yet this morning found me walking to the Gallery Church office location about 6 blocks away grateful for the sun that helped warm the day. While living in Georgia, I would have thought 40 degrees was too cold to even think about going outside for a walk. When living in the city, however, you walk when you can because there's either nowhere to park or it's too expensive.

I don't think I've told you that on Wednesday afternoon, Hamp and I link up with Michael's flight and we all head to Orlando to celebrate his birthday. (Can you tell my Massachusetts children have needed a break from the cold??) The guys are playing golf on Thursday, then later in the day we've been invited to watch part of a big tournament going on and we're hoping to get a glimpse of Tiger as he plays. Friday is Michael's actual birthday and since Disney has free birthday admission this year, we're going to the Magic Kingdom and then on Saturday, we're catching the Braves vs. Yankees spring training game. The best part is that the forecast is for lots of sun and highs in the mid 80's. Yes, that's the number "8"!! We relocated southerners are probably more excited about that than any of the activities we have planned.

I wanted to show you some of the pictures from when Karen and Bob were here, but I realized that the ones with the people in them are still on his camera which is now back in GA. We did get some of his earlier shots downloaded to my computer and here are a few of my favorite from one foggy morning.

Speaking of computers, we can now add the IT guy from Hamp's company to the list of exasperated professionals who have no idea why we can't get a wireless connection in our apartment. Since he has to do work while at home sometimes, Hamp brought him to the apartment at lunch to see if he could help. Comcast is returning tomorrow for another visit with a request by me for their lead technician and all new equipment. I now know why the Berry College computer department had a fund raiser that let you take a sledge hammer to a computer for $1.00 a swing.

I mentioned I was walking to the Gallery Church office this morning. As life begins to settle down a bit here, I'm going to help out as I can. The church plant is still small in numbers but has a lot of activity going on and in need of volunteers. If anybody is looking for a place to give of some time while visiting a beautiful historic city, let us know!

Time for bed and hopefully a good night's sleep. That seems to be the last thing to improve as my body is slowly adjusting to all things new. Going to bed before midnight might help too...

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Tiffany Jones said...

I am leaving a comment for you! :) I hope you have a ton of fun in Florida and enjoy the sunshine, Disney and baseball. Love you!