Saturday, March 13, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

Guess what happens when you live near the coast, a lot of rain falls, strong winds are over the ocean blowing inland, and high tide arrives?

The street looks like this.

This was a picture from the other day when it was beautiful outside. Notice the water level compared to the concrete wall.

If you could see it now, it's only about a foot from coming over the top of the wall which is why the street leading to the parking lot is flooded. This is the bottom step heading to the street as you come down the stairs from the building's front door.

So for right now, Hamp's truck is trapped in the parking lot and my car is trapped out of the parking lot. The city is celebrating St. Patrick's Day this weekend so there are a lot of people in Fells Point, thus no parking left. I had to pay $10 to park in a lot nearby after a long day at the mall. The moral of the story is if you have a driveway that leads to where you live, be thankful for it. If you have a garage at the end of the driveway that leads to where you live, be VERY thankful for it. The things we take for granted until we don't have them anymore.....

In other news, well, I guess there really isn't any. We're still preparing things to leave on Wednesday for Michael's wedding. Of course we're leaving as the temperatures are going to hit 60 degrees with sunny skies. If we reach the 50's with sunshine in Boston, we will consider ourselves very blessed.

I do need to give a shout out to Tech's basketball team. They've upset several teams including the nearby Maryland Terrapins (fancy name for a cute little turtle) to end up in the ACC championship game tomorrow against Duke. That would be quite a victory should they win the whole thing. March Madness is about to begin in earnest!!

Stay tuned in the coming days as there will be lots going on and I hope to post often so the entries won't take as long.

Have a great weekend and don't forget we lose an hour of sleep tonight as we go to daylight savings time again. Who needs help losing sleep?? I sure don't.

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