Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

Do you know what this is?

All that's left from this.

FINALLY!! Warmer temperatures, more sunshine, and longer days have combined to just about remove the evidence of the record breaking winter Baltimore had this year. You will hear no complaints from me. Nope, not one.

One week from today and Lord willing, I'll be driving toward Boston as we travel there for Michael and Bekah's wedding. I'm home today working on lots of last minute details and also to begin cleaning the apartment really well for my cat allergic friend, Karen, to arrive this weekend. She is graciously driving from Georgia with a packed car to bring some of the things we need for the rehearsal dinner. She'll take two days to get here, visit for a couple, and then we'll caravan along with Hamp to Boston. I think we're going to need both of our cars, though, because we need Hamp's truck to get Michael's stuff moved into Bekah's apartment before we all land at the hotel. It's about to be really busy....

I've been scanning pictures for Tiffany so she can put the slide show together and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

Before you think he was only a cute little charmer, I'll give you a small clue as to why I am the way I am after attempting to raise him to adulthood.

It's been a fun journey down memory lane the last couple of weeks as I've gone through pictures for both Michael and Matthew's weddings. (Thanks to my brilliant husband who thought of gathering Matthew's at the same time!) It's funny how looking back gives you a greater perspective in which to move forward. While it might be sad for some seasons of life to be over, as in the natural world, seasons keep coming and with them, new life in some form. Watching spring slowly loosen winter's grip reminds me that while looking back is helpful to glean the wisdom experience brings, only in looking forward will we keep growing. Once again, one of my favorite illustrations shows it perfectly.

Here's a little randomness from recent days. Thanks to Cracker Barrel and Karen, we will be bringing some flavor of the south to the rehearsal dinner.

While not RC Cola, it still works when you add one of these for one of the dessert choices.

Oh, I almost forgot. I found a picture of Tiffany and her friend Emmett that I told you about in the last post. It's from her Furman graduation and gives you a better idea of what Emmett looks like. (If you're wondering why Tiffany looks like she's half dead and barely standing up, it's because she was. She was very sick with the flu for graduation and we weren't sure she was going to make it without passing out.)

Emmett has had some procedures done in the last week to prepare him for chemo to begin. He's still very sick and the prognosis hasn't changed, but there are many people praying for him and his sweet family. There's a lot I don't understand about why God allows certain things in our lives, but I know He's faithful to His children and I believe He will be to Emmett as well.

As I close this post out, in case you were wondering the Braves opening day is in 26 days, 3 hours, and 1 minute. I'm still trying to figure out if I can make it to Turner Field for their home opener. If I did, I would also be able to catch a soccer game that Matthew helps coach. But things are still in process with potential job possibilities for Hamp and we don't know if a visit to North Carolina or even Georgia would need to be worked in for an interview. (Yes, I said Georgia, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up so they can't be dashed later.) So for now, I'm still pondering and will see what happens.

I've said this before, but I love when baseball begins again because for those that are fans, there's just something fresh and new about spring training. For just a minute, everybody is equal, hope is in every clubhouse, and aging legends move closer to the end of their career even as new legends are discovered. Childhood memories warm us as we recall games with fathers or uncles no longer with us and communities are united as we root for the home team. However you like to welcome spring, I hope you get to do so this week.


Tiffany Jones said...

Hahahaha!!!! What great pictures! We've had some really awesome times, haven't we? And thanks for posting that horrific one of me. :) Love you!

lizvic said...

Great post... love the pictures!

your brother said...

Wow... What a great post, sis! The page is definately turning and that's a good thing. Love the pictures... Definately capture Michael's personality! The last one of Tiffany, Matthew and Michael at the Brave's parade is especially wonderful. It displays the spirit of everything you wrote about baseball leading up to it!