Monday, March 22, 2010


Greetings from a very tired MOG (mother of the groom). Hamp and I got home around 1:30 after driving the last hour of the trip through torrential rainfall. Apparently it came from Baltimore because by the time we reached our parking lot, it had stopped. This was a good thing because we had two vehicles to unload and were able to do so in a far less complicated manner.

I've been washing tablecloths, emptying boxes, putting things away, and paying attention to a very needy Kit. She chooses to not be friendly to the sweet person that takes care of her when we're gone so it's her own fault she gets lonely. But it's still kinda nice to have a purry greeting when we return.

Tiffany just put up the first of several posts she's planning to do from Michael and Bekah's wedding. She took most of the pictures and while she copied them to my computer, I figure there's not reason to duplicate efforts. So here's a link to her blog for you to check out pictures and stories from the rehearsal. I'll add my perspective in the next few days too, but there are still suitcases to unpack and clothes to retrieve from the downstairs dryer. I'm also hoping there's a good night's sleep ahead as well.

This is totally unrelated to the wedding, but to help you keep up with the Joneses, I thought I'd let you know that Hamp officially has an interview with a company in Atlanta the first week in April. I must confess we planned the timing on purpose so we could catch the Braves home opener on that Monday since my dear, sweet nephew got us tickets. On our return trip to Baltimore, we may have one or two other stops in North Carolina with other interviews. While I have a definite preference, most of all I want to be where God wants us. I'm just hoping it involves tomahawks, peaches, and Coke. :)

For those who like to look at pictures more than you like to read, I'll leave you with a few from the North Shore that Tiffany took. We snuck away for a little while on Thursday to show Karen and Janet where she and Michael used to live. It's an obscure little area but one that is near and dear to my heart. You can't look at the view and not be convinced of a majestic Creator and when you add perfect spring weather, well, it just doesn't get any better. More to come soon.

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Glenda said...

As always, I enjoyed catching up with you via this blog. Can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do with Hamp's job situation. I'd love for you to come back to the land of tomahawks, peaches and coke...but of course, God will do what is best for you both. I miss you! Hugs, Glenda