Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So sorry for the delay for those few of you that check in on a regular basis. It's been a very busy, sleepless weekend and I have a full first half of the day today. Easter week is not a good week for lots of down time when you help out with a church.

A couple of updates - the newlyweds are safely back from their honeymoon in Cabo and I got to talk to Michael for a little while last night. They had a wonderful time and got to rest and soak up some sun before heading back to a flooding northeast. He has five more weeks of class and then he graduates from seminary! It's crazy to me that it was almost 3 years ago that our family made the trek to the Great White North for his and Tiffany's new adventure. Time flies...whether you're having fun or not!

On the job front for us - for now I'll leave it at there are changes in the near future for us and I'll fill you in as soon as I can.

I really will give a recap of the wedding later today. Tomorrow I'm heading to DC to see the cherry blossoms since they're almost in full bloom and our weather will be taking a significant turn for the better. I'll have lots of pictures from that adventure, I'm sure.

Oh - and just in case you wondered....the Braves home opener is in less than a week and I get to be there after having a pre-game meal at the Varsity. It's the little things....

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lizvic said...

Varsity... yuck! This is the one thing I will never understand about you, which I guess if I understand most everything else makes me a little nutty too!