Monday, March 7, 2011

In Symphony

By the time most of you read this it will be Tuesday when "Here For You", the CD recorded live at Passion 2011 in Atlanta, will be officially for sale everywhere.

I get nothing for this promotion...except knowing that if you do go buy it you have some awesome worshipful moments ahead. If you'd like to hear some clips from the songs, check out the link to the 268 Generation Store (Passion) here and you can do so.

Chris Tomlin wrote the second song on the CD which is titled, "Symphony", and I already know it's going to be one of my favorites. The reality of God's creation praising Him just by being His creation isn't new, but it's worth stopping to think about for a minute as we check out some of the words to the song.

"Shining wonders, fields of splendor
How they sing Your symphony"

"The deepest oceans, rising mountains
How they sing Your symphony"

"In the skies and in the oceans
Everything that's living, breathing
A symphony to You"

"There will be no greater song
In the heights above or the earth below
Jesus, all for You"

As great as those words are, I think the chorus is my favorite.

"In symphony with all created things
Sing the song that we were made to sing
We stand in awe, we stand in awe"

Are we singing the song we were made to sing or have the circumstances in our lives silenced our song? Sometimes it happens...and if you think about it, even creation has times of quiet. But just like in the cycle of seasons, hope begins to waken when spring begins to sing of its coming.

As I close, I want to share the link to Tiffany's blog so you can read her latest entry. Hope looks different to everyone and yesterday it came for her in a tender caring of a disabled spouse and a lavender dress. Listen for your song today and welcome the hope of spring - it's just about here.

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debbwebb said...

Well said and illustrated! You and Brian must be on the same wave length because he just wrote an article for "Blessed Earth's" latest newsletter that said almost the same thing about creation worshiping the Creator. Love you, thanks for making me smile.