Friday, February 25, 2011

Where To Start?'s been a month since I've written. I realized today that could be one of the contributing factors to my lack of sleep recently. Words, either written or spoken, are how I process all the jumbled things going on in my head on any given day. Because I haven't taken the time to do that lately, those words have had nowhere to land and my brain has been overloaded. I also haven't taken many pictures lately and I've missed that as well. So even though it's late, I decided I have to begin somewhere and hopefully more frequent postings will give me a chance to share both.

I left you with things I was learning about myself as I've had to care for my Mom in her post-operative life. Not much has changed. I'm with her at least part of most days of the week for either errand running, medical appointments, or helping with financial issues. My fit-pitching is mostly over but I'm still adjusting.

In other family news, we went to Orlando for Tiffany's birthday earlier this month only for me to return a few days later because she was very sick. Thankfully, she's recovered now and back in the craziness that is and will continue to be her life as long as she's in grad school. She loves it though and it's been so cool to see her blossom and grow into the plans God has for her. It was also fun to get to see Ellie the wondercat.

She and I enjoyed the warm Florida sunshine each morning as it poured into their living room. And should I ever need a reminder that it gets colder the more north you travel, I can just look at the picture that Michael sent me from his and Bekah's back porch in Massachusetts. Thanks, but no thanks!!

A week ago, we got to watch as Matthew helped coach the boys varsity basketball team at Harrison to a region championship. It was an exciting game and here's a picture right after the team was presented with their trophy. They begin state playoffs tomorrow and we'll be there cheering them on. I missed being able to do that when we lived so far away.

Oh my - I almost forgot! The Friday I drove back to Florida to be with Tiffany while she was sick, Hamp called me to tell me that our apartment complex was on fire. Thankfully, it wasn't our building but it was the one right across from us where Joey, our nephew lived. The firewall kept their apartment from burning so they didn't lose much except for a few water damaged items, but most people lost everything. These were some pictures Hamp took with his phone that night and then the next morning in the light of day.

Today I got a very vivid reminder of how perspective totally changes what life looks like. Here's a gorgeous tree blooming across the parking lot from our building.

And here's the same tree a few feet to the right from where I took the first shot.

Sometimes life's surroundings seem empty and burned, but when seen from a different View, only the beauty of His creation can be seen in the remains. I want to remember that truth and I will definitely have the opportunity to as that will be what we see every time we leave our apartment for the next several weeks and months.

I probably need to head to bed for now because not only do we have a basketball team to cheer for tomorrow, but our family is gathering to celebrate our nephews' birthdays. Joey and his twin brothers were born on the same day seven years apart and six years after the twins were born, my brother's son, Grant, came along. With Tiffany's birthday in early February, it makes for a busy birthday month!

I'll leave you with a few pictures that I took this afternoon that prove Spring really is coming. It's been a long, dark, winter and I'm ready!

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