Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Baseball

Greetings!  We're winding down the day and trying to decide what our schedule will look like tomorrow.  Tiffany and Nikki have real life they're living and Joey and I were going to go to the Magic Kingdom.  However, Nikki told us this evening that the projections for attendance tomorrow are that they will fill to capacity and if so, will have to close the park until guests leave later in the day.  That means if you do get in, you'll be shoulder to shoulder dodging strollers and crying children. please?

So.....I guess we'll just make it up as we go along and see how the day goes.  We had fun today watching the Braves win another Spring Training game, but it was quite toasty just sitting in the stands.  Here's the nephew looking dapper in his Braves gear.

Chipper Jones hit another homerun again today and has had a great spring. As another more "mature" member of society, I personally am pulling for him to have a great year and prove to everyone that he's not quite done yet. If Disney was writing the script, the Braves would win the World Series this fall and he could retire after winning the World Series in his first year playing and his last year playing...all with the same team. We'll see if Walt can still work some magic in October, right?

Somebody else I'm pulling for is Brooks Conrad. If you don't follow the Braves, then you have no idea who he is. If you do, then I think you'll agree with me. When his wife had to leave a game last year late in the season in tears with their two boys because of the boos, well...let's just say no mother or wife or player should ever have to experience that.

I know some will argue that baseball is just a game and we shouldn't care that much about it or any other sport in the light of all that's going on in the world. But what I love about God is that when He invaded planet Earth and her inhabitants, He met us where we lived and He still does that today.

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