Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weather Watching

This is the weather headline making the news today and it's keeping life a little interesting for us here. While I've lamented over and over about moving north, I have learned that Marylanders do not like to be called northerners. Still south of the Mason Dixon line, this area is officially known as the mid-Atlantic. So with the words Atlantic and Assault being used together, we're paying attention.

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel flooded the area where we live and we've seen pictures of the water up to the tops of cars. This storm won't be a direct hit, but our street floods when wind, higher waves, and tide levels converge just right and that looks to happen tomorrow and tomorrow night. I probably won't be able to get my car through the water on our street, but Hamp's truck should be OK. I'll definitely be taking pictures so I can keep you updated.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the temperature is only 43 today. Sigh...But two weeks from today, Hamp and I will be spending Thanksgiving with all of our kids in Orlando. I'm very excited and on the day the guys go play golf, I will be heading to Disney with Tiffany and Nikki. They've been having a "cold" spell with highs only in the low 70's. I think I can adjust!


Tiffany Jones said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!! Take lots of pictures of the water. Love you! :)

your brother said...

Good luck with the weather tomorrow. I know the trip to Orlando is going to be a blast!