Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Weeks From Today

Two Mondays from now, we will be picking up a UHaul truck so we can load it with the ever-shrinking personal possessions we own. That is, of course, if I get rid of this throat/lung/laryngitis thing I have and can actually make the call to change our pick up date. I'm home sick for the second day in a row and can't even be productive with it because I can't talk which means I can't make the set up calls to the new utilitiy companies, etc. Sigh.....I'm trying not to panic as I watch the clock tick away precious minutes that I don't have to waste.

Unfortunately, I haven't felt well enough to pack or do anything terribly strenuous, so I've been looking for ways to entertain myself to keep the frustration levels down. Kit provided some of that yesterday and when I went to download the picture I had taken of her to the folder with others in it, I realized that she's had quite a year being a city cat. So I thought I'd let her tell you a little of her story before she embarks on another journey soon back to her place of birth.

Soon, I will be getting her crate out so she can see it and hopefully begin to bond with it before I have to smash her in it and get her to the car.

She actually travels much better than I thought she would and once the initial fear wears off, she likes to get out of the crate and sleep on the fleece blanket in the back seat. Yes, the entire back of my car is designated for the cat when we move her.

Once we arrive at our new location, the chaos will be a bit much and Kit will cope with it by trying to find a place to be removed from it all. This is where she ended up when we first got to Baltimore.

Just in case you wondered, no, we don't allow her on kitchen appliances or counters for obvious reasons, but it doesn't stop her from trying occasionally.

She's missed being able to go outside and be in the sunlight and our apartment really has only one window that she can get in. As the weather has warmed, she has enjoyed having it open.

As you know, it was a long, hard winter here in the mid-Atlantic and it was much colder than we southern raised Joneses were used to. About halfway through the winter we bought an oil-filled heater that pretty much saved the day. Kit wasted no time in figuring out it was a great source of heat and she looked for different ways to be near it.

I honestly wasn't sure she would survive the move here but she's done extremely well even though she's over 14 years old now. Her days aren't terribly complicated and she mostly just sleeps through them.

But she does have her moments at least once a day or so where she takes time to play or be mischeveous or hide and make us figure out where she is.

I realize that some of you are not cat lovers and don't understand those of us who are. They really do have unique personalities and right now our immediate family has 3 very different cats that belong to various members.

This is Simba, Matthew's kitty that looks like a baby panther. He's quite the untamed feline for the most part, but he's lots of fun and will definitely keep him and Lindsay entertained once they get married this fall.

And of course, we can't forget Ellie, Tiffany's wondercat who has had many adventures in her life so far. She's the seasoned pet traveler of the family having gone from Georgia to Boston and then from Boston to Orlando two years later. Tiffany always wanted a chatty kitty and she got her wish...much to her dismay at times. But she's quite the charmer and a very discerning judge of character.

And that, folks, is me finding something to do when I can't do what needs to be done. You don't realize how much you need your voice until it's not there anymore. Anyway, have a great beginning to your week!


Tiffany Jones said...

The cats are cute. Kit makes me smile! :)

karenjmu said...

Being a speech therapist who has to instruct people how they should treat their vocal folds, I have to say that I am proud of you for not making phone calls and resorting to typing in your blog to talk to others ;) Yes, I realize you were doing it mostly because you needed something to keep you busy, but I thought I would give you a "pat on the back" anyway :) According to FB, I see you are feeling better, which I am happy to hear! Good luck with your move! And, even tho I am more of a dog lover (sorry), I did enjoy the pics of the cats, and when I visited Tiffany last year, I found Ellie to be very entertaining (and "chatty")! hehe!