Thursday, December 3, 2009


It seems like I've been rushing from one thing to the next this week...maybe because I have been! To recap the rest of our Orlando trip - the guys had a great time playing golf, the girls had a great time at the Magic Kingdom, and Tech did not beat Georgia. But to steal a summary from my nephew - Georgia still lost more games than Tech this year, they still lost to Kentucky, and their mascot died. And they are not playing for their conference championship this weekend like Tech is. Yes, I'm trying to find something to grasp since THE game was lost...again. You'd think I'd learn to wait and talk trash until after the game is over.

We arrived back in Baltimore to nice weather for this time of year. We tried to ignore the 75 degree, very sunny day we were leaving in Orlando, but that was hard to do. It was a busy week for both of us and now we're preparing to leave tomorrow to fly to Boston for the weekend. We're going to meet Bekah's parents for the first time as they come to town also and spend some time with everybody if Michael can get well. He's picked up a bug or two somewhere along the way so we're hoping he feels well enough to enjoy the weekend.

I have a few pictures from our Disney trip but we ended up not taking very many. The most amazing part of the decorations was Cinderalla's castle which is lit every night to complete the magical effect of the Main Street area. Pictures can't do it justice, but we tried to capture some shots of it.

I loved the mouse eared greenery on all the lamps.

As dusk falls, the castle is lit every night with rotating colors. This is a shot of the blue light on it.

It got cooler than we thought it would when the sun went down, so these two tired princesses were trying to conserve body heat as we waited for the castle lights to come on.

There's a little show beforehand with Cinderella's friends trying to decide how to help her decorate her castle for Christmas.

A statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse stands guard nearby.

Then the Fairy Godmother and Cinderalla come out and decide the best way to decorate is to make it look shiny like the glass of her slipper. The castle waits expectantly as the music begins to grow louder.

And then like magic, the lights come on one section at a time until the whole thing is lit like icicles glistening in the night sky.

It truly is an amazing site and worth traveling during the holidays to see.

To top the day off after we got home, Jenn and Will came over to bring their sweet Bella so we could meet her. She's such a cutie and was a very happy baby considering we kept her up about 2 hours past her bedtime.

And now it's December...less than a month until Christmas. I've had a few moments of heart tugs missing traditions from home and friends and gatherings. I knew we had to create some new ones and so we bought our tree this week and got it decorated. Kit had a moment of re-enacting the part of "The Night Before Christmas" where it says, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" and I captured it before she woke up.

Our tree isn't as big as usual because there's not much room for one in the apartment, but it fits nicely in the little nook between the dining area and living room.

It might not look like it used to, but the Christ of Christmas brings life wherever we are and I'm reminded of that as I look at my newest ornament.

Whether the skyline of Baltimore or more familiar sights, I'm excited to see how this year will end and what God has for us as 2010 waits right around the corner. But for now, I'm heading to bed so I can fly to Boston tomorrow for the weekend. More to come soon!

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