Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanks, God!

No pictures yet, but I just had to pass on the thankfulness I have in my heart for the latest blessing God has given us. We're in Boston for the weekend to meet Bekah's parents and get some details planned for her and Michael's wedding in March. We all had dinner together last night even as Michael was battling a nasty stomach bug. Hopefully, he's on the recovering side of it now.

Anyway, I've watched several friends have the joy of seeing their children not only marry awesome people, but marry into great families. While I believe that any family is a precious addition when true love and care for them exists, there's just a special blessing when they are also believers and that common foundation is present. That's the case with Bekah's parents and I'm looking forward to what the years ahead will bring as together we share in the joys and trials of our children's joined lives.

That's all I have to say - just "thanks, God". I must confess that those aren't the words that came to mind as I awoke yesterday morning to discover the Christmas tree had fallen over in the night. Cleaning up tree needles and drying the tree skirt were not on the list of things to do in order to get out the door for an early afternoon flight. I just wanted you to know that I have a lot to learn still in the art of giving thanks...

One last thing - we should see our first snow of the season today! And we would have if we'd stayed in Baltimore or apparently even Atlanta. It's not supposed to last long or stick and cause any travel troubles, but it's still exciting to know it's coming. Our hotel is behind a shopping area that has an Off Broadway shoe store in it, so it looks like my quick trip yesterday was timed perfectly for the forecasted weather. Pictures soon.

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