Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Colors

Happy Saturday to you! I am back in Baltimore after a ridiculously busy weeklong visit in GA. I left on a gorgeous fall day and returned on a cold and rainy day that felt more like winter. My only consolation is that it's like that in most of the east and there's been no snow.

October is traditionally thought of as the perfect fall month so I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you from my trip that show some of the colors of the season.

These were taken in a Cracker Barrel parking lot as I drove south last week. It was also the last day I've seen the sun shining. I am really not OK with that and am hoping the forecast holds and it reappears at the first of the week.

The next pictures show lots of orange and a little red in a familiar setting if you live in the south.

Yep, Hamp and I went with Michael and Bekah to the UGA/UT football game in Knoxville and watched the Dawgs play a horrible game of football. It was still fun to be surrounded by over a hundred thousand fans cheering crazily for their team - it just didn't happen to be the one we wanted to win. The main reason we went was so Michael could introduce Bekah to Georgia football. I'm not sure she will ever be as enthusiastic as Michael is, but she was a great sport and enjoyed the atmosphere.

If you look carefully, you might see the engagement ring on her left hand that Michael gave her on Thursday night before they left on Friday for GA. He wanted to bring her as his fiancee' so she wouldn't have to worry about feeling like she was there on approval and it made the trip a lot of fun. We're so excited for them and we love Bekah for Michael. I'll be keeping you posted as wedding plans take shape, but we do know it will be sometime in the spring.

On Sunday night, we went to Passion City Church and it was a great service. Monday saw us visiting Hamp's parents in Newnan before he flew back to Baltimore for work. We introduced Bekah to Sprayberry's Barbecue and all enjoyed the yummy food.

I scheduled a couple of doctor visits, had dinner with friends, and spent lots of time in the car running errands since I knew where everything was. I realized how much more the south is spread out and we were all tired of being in the car by the time the visit was over. Michael and Bekah flew out on Thursday and I began the drive back to Baltimore, taking two days instead of one.

Now you're caught up and I'm working on getting that way here at home. I brought back our family pictures as I'm trying to continue sorting and getting rid of stuff. I'll leave you with my high school senior picture I found and scanned so I could use it on Facebook where I've reconnected with a lot of my classmates because of our reunion this summer. Our class song was "We May Never Pass This Way Again" and as I look at this picture, I think that was very prophetic!


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I think I look like you. :) Nice blog! Love you!!

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Nice pictures... Bekah will be a wonderful addition to the family! Thanks for sharing your graduation picture. That hairstyle is back in style again, I think.