Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

For those of you who have visited and walked the streets of Fells Point with us, I wanted to show you what this past weekend looked like. The annual Fells Point Festival is held the first weekend of October every year and it reminded me of traditional fall festivals I've experienced, the 1991 Braves parade, and a concert all combined into one event. Thankfully, our apartment complex is at the far end of the street so we missed most of the chaos.

A lot of the people attending just came in their boats and parked them along the various docks throughout the area. This is by "our" bench.

When you left our building and turned right, the street was blocked off and this is what you saw.

This is the little park at the corner of our street and where a stage was set up for bands to play throughout the weekend. The side street was lined with porta-potties to add to the decor of the neighborhood. :)

Here is the side street that goes in front of the french bakery many of you have enjoyed visiting.

This is the same intersection looking back toward our apartment building.

The line to the water taxi stayed this long all day.

Not that I ever forget, but this was a somewhat humorous reminder that we don't live in the south anymore.

When I think of fall festivals, I picture wandering among the trees of someone's property checking out the handmade items, sitting on bales of hay to eat barbecue, and choosing a pumpkin to take home and carve. These were the only hay bales to be seen the entire day.

And this was the only pumpkin.

Instead of corn husk creations, there were heated and flattened liquor bottles that could be used for decorating.

And crab cakes instead of hamburgers.

Lest you think the entire experience was completely depressing, I leave you with the reminder that while life might not look like you thought it would sometimes, God never fails to come through with a smile just when you need it most.

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