Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank You, Friends!

TGIF!! I only have a minute for now because I have some cleaning and cooking to do to prepare for Michael and Bekah's weekend visit. No, we really don't have a revolving front door, although it seems like it sometimes. :) Our regular worship leader is out of town this weekend and Ellis asked Michael to come lead us on Sunday morning at church. The flights were really cheap so we were able to fly Bekah to Baltimore with him so Hamp could meet her and we could spend some time with them. She's an awesome young lady and we're looking forward to a fun weekend.

I wanted to get some pictures up from Debbie's visit and also say a public thank you for the amazing friends God has blessed us with. I've realized since moving from GA that I took the proximity of our family and friends for granted. Those relationships are still very much part of our lives, but they look different now. Purposeful planning has taken the place of spontaneous gatherings. But I've realized that intentional living is much more than an evangelistic strategy; it's a way of life.

If you live near those closest to your heart, don't waste the blessing God has given you. If not, let that reality spur you to creative living. Yes, sometimes it's harder than others, but the truth is our Father understands completely the longing to be near His children which is why He set eternity in our hearts.

Thanks, Deb, for sharing part of your vacation time with us! And thanks to those who have not let distance keep us apart - we love you all!

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Erin said...

Glad you were able to have some time together. I hope it was good! :)