Monday, September 14, 2009

On This Date In History

This is for Steven - I'm so sorry it has taken me a while to put up a new blog so you'd have something to read while at work waiting for customers to call in. :)

I have hardly stopped since my last entry except to maybe sleep and that hasn't been for very long either. Michael came to visit for a couple of days last week and then Debbie and Janet came for a long weekend. It was great having family and friends here but normal routines were interrupted, thus no new entries.

There's apparently a cold thing going around and I'm not feeling up to par, so this will be short. I'll get some pictures up from our girl's weekend (poor Hamp) in the next day or so, but for now I thought I'd share a piece of historical trivia with you regarding our adopted city that I saw in the paper today. Ready??

Today in History - 1814: After witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by Royal Navy ships in Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key, a 35-year-old amateur poet, wrote "Defence of Fort McHenry". The poem was set to the tune of a popular British drinking song written by John Stafford Smith and renamed "The Star-Spangled Banner". It soon become a well-known American patriotic song and eventually our national anthem.

Much cooler weather is headed our way later this week, so I'll leave you with the smile God sent my way in the paper today.

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