Monday, September 21, 2009

From Friends to Flood

It's Monday evening and I've spent most of the day keeping up online with the flooding in Georgia where our families and friends live. It's been crazy to see how widespread the devastation is! I've taken a couple of pictures from Facebook that others have posted to show you what the street looked like earlier today where we used to live as you turned left out of the neighborhood.

This is going to be one of those events that everyone will remember and have stories to tell about where they were when the Flood of '09 hit. Be safe as you're out and about in the days ahead.

I mentioned in my last entry that we had friends in town for the weekend and I wanted to show you some pictures from our time with Jill, Daryl, and David on Saturday.

This one of tall David (or short Joneses) makes me smile!

We ate lunch at Koopers Tavern so we could watch college football before heading to the Orioles game via the water taxi.

This boat was going through the harbor as the water taxi left the dock and it was an amazing site.

The Orioles game against the Red Sox was a fun experience for our visitors as they got to watch a game in Camden Yards for the first time.

As I'm finishing up this entry, the Weather Channel is on in the background and it sounds like it could take most of the week for the tropical air to leave the southeast which means more rain could fall. For so long there was drought and now there's a flood. I think life is like that sometimes and I don't understand it. But I find myself remembering the song "Here is Our King" (click here to listen) that David Crowder wrote after the tsunami hit a few years ago. While probably not an explanation that satisfies our questioning in hard times, the words are true nevertheless.

The Ocean is growin'
The Tide is coming in Here it is

Here is our King
Here is our Love
Here is our God who's come to bring us back to him
He is the one
He is Jesus

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