Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sundays

I hope this finds you winding down the weekend in relaxed form as life begins to settle into a routine for a lot of us. We're back to Sunday morning church since we began Sunday services about a month ago. Hamp and I like that so much better and it also provides an opportunity for the perfect naptime - Sunday afternoons. We currently have a listening ear to the television wondering if Tiger can pull out yet another win (he didn't) and are hopeful of another Braves win tonight against the Phillies.

This past Thursday, the Baltimore Ravens opened their preseason at home and we got to go to the game. While pro football shaped my entire childhood due to my dad's radio job, I actually haven't been a fan as an adult. I think that might have changed after Thursday night. We had already discovered after Tiffany and Michael moved to Boston that northerners love their pro football teams. But I was totally unprepared for the city wide display of support for the Ravens. We walked to the stadium after taking the water taxi to the Inner Harbor and that route takes you past Camden Yards. Notice the crowd of people as they head to the football game with baseball officially in the background in the city of Baltimore.

The Ravens went to the playoffs last year and as this season begins, the hopes are high for a repeat performance. If fan support is any indication, it will be a great year and hopefully a helpful way to get through the colder winter that gets closer with each passing day.

On Friday night, I went to Little Italy in downtown Baltimore with some ladies from church for the summer movie series. They show a movie on the side of a building and the community gathers together to watch and enjoy the yummy food available from the family restaurants surrounding the area. It was a lot of fun and something you need to come share with us next year.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my part-time work at the church office. I'm looking forward to being forced into more of a planned schedule and also having an opportunity to expand my world a bit in the area. Sadly, I won't be getting paid for now...unless some of you want to help support Gallery Church in Baltimore. :) It's a good fit for all involved but I'll have to be a little more creative as I plan future travels.

Time to get ready to hopefully cheer the Braves on to a win, but with the rain delay I might not make it 'til the last out tonight since I have to go to work tomorrow. Wow...that's something I haven't said for a while.


Glenda said...

I know you'll be a huge blessing in the church office!

Love you!

Hugs, Glenda

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed the movie. Have a good day at work!

Debbie W

Tiffany Jones said...

Hi Mum! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I definitely want to come to a game this fall. Have a great day of work! Love you!