Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last But Not Least

Well, I didn't really think I'd get all of these done today, but I told you it's been a relaxing day. :) ESPN decided to televise the Braves/Dodgers game so we've had the TV on while we just chilled and did some computer work this evening.

Here's the question for the night - what is wrong with this picture?

The answer is two-fold; first, the socks are red and second, they belong to this uniform that John Smoltz is now wearing.

The Orioles game we went to with John and Grant on Friday night was against the Boston Red Sox and John Smoltz was the scheduled pitcher for them. I thought it was rather fitting that displaced Atlanta fans were watching a displaced Atlanta pitcher and we did our part to cheer him on to his second victory of the season. We enjoyed taking the water taxi to the Inner Harbor and then we walked the rest of the way to Camden Yards.

Smoltz and the Red Sox were down one run at the end of the 6th inning and it looked like he might be heading for his 5th loss. But in the top of the 7th, Youklis hit a towering 2 run homer that put them ahead for good which guaranteed Smoltz's win.

We left the game before it was over since John and Grant were planning to leave really early Saturday morning. Doing so let us beat the crowd back to the Inner Harbor area so we were able to ride the water taxi home as well. I love riding it at night and seeing all the lights reflected on the water.

This is what Fells Point looks like as the water taxi approaches the stop and it's the first time I've been able to get a good shot.

We had a great visit and we enjoyed getting to spend some extended time with Grant. It's kinda sad that it took us moving far away to realize how important spending time with family and friends really is. If those you love are nearby, take advantage of the ease in which you can get together because it might not always stay that way.

Thanks, John and Grant for sharing your vacation time with us and hopefully we'll see you again sooner rather than later!


Tiffany Jones said...

lovely pics, but it sure looks weird/wrong to see Smoltz in that uniform!

Erin said...

After much consideration, I am mkaing my blog private. Write me an email at with your email addy if you want to keep reading! :)