Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In The Air Again

This will be my view late tomorrow morning as I head to Atlanta for a long weekend. Between reward points (thanks, AirTran) and cheap fares, I'm heading south for a multi-purpose visit. I'll get to cheer for Matthew as he coaches a couple of fastpitch softball games for Harrison, visit with a few friends, and be part of the post-reunion committee meeting on Saturday evening. But it won't be all fun...I have to figure out how to reduce the contents of a large storage unit into a small one so we can cut that cost in half.

Check back as the week progresses for updates and pictures of what is hopefully a fun several days. A lot of things have been happening in our family in recent days, so I'll catch you up with us as well. For now, I must pack so I can get more than a few hours of sleep. Next post, Lord willing, will be from a cozy guest room in Acworth.

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