Friday, February 27, 2009


It's a rainy night in Georgia and I'm taking a quick break to say hello and catch you up a bit. As you can imagine, it's been a busy week with lots of errands to run and things to do at home to get ready to leave. Hamp's flight arrived right before the heavy rain began and we are very thankful for that.

As the afternoon progressed, his hoarse voice was joined by coughing and sneezing and he went to bed early not feeling well. I don't feel 100% right this minute but can't decide if I'm just tired, paranoid, getting sick too, or all of the above!

The weather forecast isn't terribly encouraging for the weekend ahead. Fortunately, we can back the U-Haul to the edge of the garage and get it loaded without anybody or anything getting wet. As of right now, we plan to leave Monday and unless I can talk Hamp into heading south, we'll be heading toward the winter affected northeast. Should it be too windy to drive the truck or one of us is not well enough to drive, we may have to wait a day. I'll keep you posted!!

On a little brighter note, spring really is coming according to the calendar and my yard. Earlier this week, I captured this picture of the jonquils in my yard (or daffodils if you didn't grow up in Smyrna, GA).

After some sun and warmth and a little rain, this was what they looked like this morning.

An obvious analogy could be gleaned from the lyrics of the song, "Bloom Again" by Charlie Hall that I've shared with you before. The chorus says, "Oh, the leaves are falling, winter is now here, the spring is coming...and you will bloom again". But the reality right now is "Oh, the rain is falling, winter is still here, the wind is coming...and you will freeze again". So maybe I'll just leave the philosophical concluding to others more qualified than myself for now.....

Just to throw it out there - how long has it been since you've had to gather your life together in a compact, relatively portable state? While it's a stressful, emotional, and tiring task, I have found the necessary reorienting to be ultimately a positive thing. That is why we decided to move to Baltimore in the first place when the job opportunity came along. That perspective has left me in recent weeks which has made the impending departure more difficult. But God is always good and always faithful and I'm ready to see what He has prepared for me and Hamp for this season of our lives.

Earlier this week I needed the use of the "undo" button on my computer several times. I thought about how that could prove very useful if it was available in everyday life at times. Then that led me to think about being undone which reminded me of the song by that title that Mercy Me recorded a few years back. I looked up the words and found they speak better than I could as to the state of my heart. This is the end of the first verse, followed by the chorus.

When I am overwhelmed
Holding pieces of my heart
When I feel my world
Start to fall apart

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

Hopefully tomorrow will find us more rested, maybe a little healthier, and more energetic. If not, we'll be dismantling our bedroom and packing anyway, so if we come to mind, all prayers are welcome!!


Glenda said...

As always, I love to hear your heart Jill. I pray the Lord will bring healing to Hamp, and keep you well too. Moving is tough enough without being sick at the same time! I remember our Navy move in June, 1987 so well because I was diagnosed with bronchitis just before we left and literally coughed my way to the next Navy base. We drove from Washington state to Illinois on that move. Moving does have a way of wearing us down physically as I'm sure you are well aware of! Thank you for sharing your pretty daffodils...I sure hope they survive the weather headed this way! They are pretty tough flowers though! Hugs,Glenda

Erin said...

I am praying for y'all as I know how emotionally draining moving can be! Yet, after some time, you will be able to see all the great benefits of moving!