Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bloom Again

It's Super Bowl Sunday, it's halftime, and I'm writing a blog entry. Does that tell you how interested I am in this game? I can tell you, however, that the Atlanta Braves Spring Training begins in 13 days...just in case you were wondering.

The weather was really nice today - it was sunny and warm here in GA. (I have to clarify where I am since it seems to change on a regular basis these days). It has been a rather gray winter and my soul has missed the sunshine. I think Kit has felt the same way based on this discovery I made earlier today.

One of her favorite things to do is go outside and be queen of the front porch area and let the sun warm her fur. Here is Her Kittyness in all of her regal splendor from earlier this afternoon.

Even the pansies enjoyed an extra boost of sunlight, although it may take more than that to get them to bloom better. I'm trying to make the front of the house look inviting for potential buyers, but I'm not sure how helpful it has been.

We've had 4 different showings of the house, but no offers made. A couple of those were very interested but had houses to sell. Due to Hamp's company using a relocation firm, we can't take an offer unless the buyer is qualified and ready to buy. So we keep on keeping on and hope that soon the right family will come along and find the house to be exactly what they're looking for.

So back to the gorgeous day today. You've probably noticed that I like to share song lyrics with you or even the song itself if I can find a link to it. (By the way, thanks Tiffany for reminding me how to do that again!). Music really does speak to my spirit faster than just about anything and the signs of life today brought to mind another song. Charlie Hall's recent CD release, "The Bright Sadness" is one of my favorites and the song "Bloom Again" has been such an encouragment to me. Here are the words to the chorus:

"Oh, the leaves are falling, winter is now here. The spring is coming, and you can bloom again. The beauty of, the ash of love, when you emerge, you are more beautiful...bloom again".

With all that has changed in our lives in the last couple of years, it has felt more like Narnia before Aslan came - always winter and never Christmas. But God has slowly been bringing the hint of spring and even though I will be moving 700 miles further north, I'm excited to see where and how He will bring the blooms in my life.

Meanwhile, this week will bring a trip south to Florida, Tiffany's birthday celebration at Disney World, and the laughter of kindred spirit sisters. We just need to pray Tiffany doesn't get snowed in Tuesday as she tries to fly out of Boston!


Glenda said...

Your sweet Kit is so cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful time at Disney!

May God bring the right buyers for your home too!

Tiffany Jones said...

Hey Mum! Can't wait to see you soon! Kit is cute - pat her for me. Love you!

Steven said...

someone will come around and buy the house eventually. if not, destroy it and collect the insurance. I call it the Wall Street Way.

your brother said...

There.... Now you have a contingency plan if the house doesn't sell. Can't believe you stepped out during the best part of the Super Bowl to write a blog entry! I hope you and Tiffany enjoy the trip to Disneyworld!