Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!!

We're leaving soon for the Magic Kingdom to celebrate Tiffany's birthday today. I don't have time right now nor any pictures to properly wish my oldest child and only daughter a very happy birthday, so for now this is all I can do. But once I get home, I will do so.

This year at Disney you get in free for your birthday and they give you a button that says, "Happy Birthday" and a blank space they write your name on. Then every employee that sees you wishes you a happy birthday by name. It will be interesting to see how many wishes she gets today and I'm sure it will make for some fun memories. :-) Actually, just being with these three girls will provide all the memory making that will be needed. We're off to the "happiest place on earth" with a sunny, 70 degree day awaiting us. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday!!

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Glenda said...

Oh I hope today was absolutely a day of dreams come true for your sweet Tiffany...and for the rest of you too! What a fun way to spend a birthday. Amazing!