Sunday, February 22, 2009


Good Sunday evening to you! There is so much I want to share with you and yet am finding that I really don't have the words to begin. That reminds me of a great quote I heard this morning in church - "It is better for your heart to be without words than for your words to be without heart". Maybe I can do both.....

I guess the biggest news for me is that I am leaving for Baltimore next Monday to join Hamp there. He will fly in on Friday, we'll rent a small U-Haul for the few things we're taking, go to church on Sunday, load my car with me and Kit the cat on Monday, and begin our caravan after Hamp finishes with a meeting he has scheduled. We're going to take two days so all of us can be a little less frazzled on the journey and the goal is to arrive Tuesday early afternoon.

To say that "I'm moving" doesn't seem accurate because most of our belongings are staying behind in the house so it will continue to show well and hopefully sell. I haven't felt like this is home, though, because Hamp has been in Baltimore and we haven't been able to do life together except for snatches here and there for a while now. Because of that, I'm ready for this next step while at the same time experiencing all of the emotions you would expect.

Along with all that's happening with us, Tiffany has some exciting news that you can read about here. Of course, that means even more change which can be hard for this mom's heart sometimes. I had a moment this afternoon as I realized that it was exactly two years ago today that Jeff left. Just typing the words brings tears to my eyes - in sadness over the loss and in awe over God's faithfulness to us all. Another quote from church this morning was "We can't start over, but we can start again". I can't wait to see what God has for Tiffany as He ends yet another chapter and begins a new one.

So what does this week hold? Way too much!! While I'm not really saying "goodbye", there are a few people I need to see. There is cleaning, sorting, packing, and rearranging to be done in the house along with personal and move-related paperwork that I'm convinced won't end until I see Jesus someday.

Your prayers for us all are greatly appreciated and we will keep you updated as the days unfold.


Glenda said...

Dearest Jill,

My heart will never be ready to let you go, and yet my heart knows it is time for you to be with Hamp in Baltimore. I treasure you as my sister in Christ more than I have words to express to you. He has spoken life to me through you over and over again. Thank you for walking through the dark times with me, and for reminding me that God's love was always with me. Thank you for helping me see He loves me as His princess daughter...even though I still have a hard time wearing my tiara you gave me! I wish I didn't have to be at work this week so I could help you out with the zillion things you must have to do. I will be holding you in my heart and in my prayers. Friends forever! Hugs,Glenda

Patch of Flowers said...

So much change for all of you...yet, as I told Tiffany, such BRAVE changes full of wonderful adventure!

Janet said...

You're not the only one with tears in your eyes, as your time to leave is upon us. I love you sis!