Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a Week!!

Greetings on this quiet Sunday morning. It seems like ages ago instead of just a week since I had time to stop and catch you up on life in our family. It's been crazy, so I'll just hit the highlights or you'd never finish reading.

First, it was nice to have Hamp home for Thanksgiving, but it was also hard not having Tiffany and Michael here. I understand much better how difficult the holidays can be when those we love are not present for whatever reason. I don't think Norman Rockwell would relate to life as many know it in today's world. We did get to visit with family and friends and Tiffany sent us a picture of the Jones family living on the North Shore.

I was without my computer for several days because I opened a link on Facebook that gave it a virus. Talk about frustrating!! For those that might need a reminder; DO NOT open anything that doesn't seem "right". The unfortunate part about forwards, Facebook messages, etc. is that they come from people you know and trust. But often the viruses attach themselves to addresses within the affected computer and generate their own link. The best rule is never open stuff like that. My computer is working again but only because of the knowledge of others that far exceeds my own.

Hamp and I met with two different realtors last weekend and now have one chosen to sell the house. After living here for over 15 years, there's obviously a lot to be done. Trying to find the balance between updating things, yet getting the money back out of it in today's market along with the holidays is a good recipe for stress. Kit and I have our own ways of dealing with it. I enjoy the fire also, but not usually on the floor.

Hot chocolate works for me!

To end with the week with a bang - literally - I slipped on an icy patch on our deck while trying to run off a squirrel that prefers gnawing on the railings instead of the many trees in our back yard. This is now war and while I've usually been humane in the ridding of these unwanted creatures, I will now consider all options. I am wondering if it's possibly one I've captured and released before because none of the recommended and previously successful baits have enticed it into the cage yet.

Last night was Dinner in December which is held at our church every year. It's a dinner theater program designed to bring people together that might not otherwise be interested in anything church related. It's always a time of good food, fun, and friendship and something our family has done since it began. This year, Matthew and I were the only ones in town.

Joey and his brother Steven were able to join us, but Mason had to work.

Me with my Polirican (Polish and Puerto Rican) "daughter" Nikki. We both missed Tiffany as the two of them used to be very involved in the production of the program.

Here's proof that Joey and Matthew clean up very nicely!

Next week begins the mini-makeover of the house which we are able to partially hire out. It's sad; the house will look amazing - and then we'll move. The sign will go in the yard within the next two weeks or so and we're trying to get as much work done as we can before potential buyers come. Hamp will get to come home next Saturday for a quick weekend visit to have Christmas with my side of the family and then will be home on the 23rd along with Tiffany and Michael. Deep chocolate anyone??


Erin said...

Jill, we are praying for you.

Glenda said...

Catch the squirrel!

Love your continuing adventures...sending lots of hugs!

Tiffany Jones said...

I am writing on your blog so you don't get mad. :) Lovely post! Keep up the splendid work, and I'll be seeing you soon!!

Glenda said...

Any news on the squirrel yet?
Happy hunting!

Janet said...

Be kind to Susie squirrel please! Hope things are not too crazy for you. I've decided that all the boxes not already unpacked will stay in whatever closet I shoved it in until after the holidays!! Love you!!!