Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My brother and his family went on a cruise during Thanksgiving and I got to see their pictures last weekend. There were two that not only made me laugh, but they also gave me a moment of pondering. Both pictures are of the same thing, only one was taken from a front view and one from the back. I think God knew I needed a humorous and visual reminder that life is often about perspective. While I might be able to come up with a deep and profound thought to share with you, I'll leave it to you to discover your own. Enjoy!


Glenda said...

Absolutely hilarious Jill!

your brother said...

I'm a little concerned that as I was sitting in a paddle boat in the beautiful tropical ocean just off the shore of an island paradise on a picture perfect day, the thought of the front and rear view contrasting pictures came to mind. Not sure what that says about me, nor do I want to think too much about it!

Anyway, here's to hoping most of your days are of the bird's eye view!

Jill said...

Dearest brother; it's not the bird's eye view I'm worried about, it's which END of the bird's eye view that life is coming from that concerns me!

I think whatever you have in your brain that makes you think of pictures like this is hereditary because I have it as do my children.