Friday, June 15, 2012

Dreams and Wishes

I have always loved to read. Even as a little girl, I would get lost in a story and travel wherever the character was. A secret garden? No problem, I could see it. Narnia? Still looking for the lamppost.  More often than not, a good story leaves me with a heart-felt sigh knowing that truthful words can come in many forms.  So I offer you the following words as the weekend rushes toward us.  And while you try to conquer your to-do list, take time to really look around your corner of the world.  You just might glimpse a latent dream or wish you thought you'd dismissed that's simply waiting for the perfect time to come true.  Oh, and keep and eye out for pixies - they can sometimes be spied if you're ever so still!

"Some dreams and wishes, I believe, are of the dormant, time-released variety. They aren't forgotten over many years or through many changes in life. They don't shrink during their hibernation. They simply wait to come true when the dreamer and the wisher need to believe all over again."

~Robin Jones Gunn, Sisterchicks Go Brit

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E said...

Emery always says pixie dust away hah