Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching Up...Again!

Oopsie!  I was a little shocked to see that it's been 5 months to the day since I last wrote a post.  The other shocking thing is that apparently there are still a handful of people that check occasionally to see if there's a new post.  I really will try to do better at keeping things more current. 

So, what's current?  We still live in Franklin, TN near Nashville which is a really cool place!  I wish I had a bajillion dollars so we could buy a little house downtown and pretend we live in a movie set.  Instead I have to wander the sidewalks to absorb the cuteness and support the local economy by eating frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's or get a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks if it's cold.  Fortunately, they're right across the street from each other so that makes it convenient.

We found a great church and are part of a really cool small group.  We are a random mix of eclectic people of all ages, but it's hard to get together outside of our one night a week.  In the age of Twitter and 140 characters of communication, I think that's mostly normal now, but it makes for lots of alone time for me.


Speaking of Twitter, do you tweet?  If so, you can follow me (@jilljones05) and I can do the same with you.  It makes me laugh that I even have an account, but it's actually been helpful during baseball season and weather issues for getting information quickly.  I can't imagine that anything I have to say would be of utmost importance, but I suppose you never know.

Nashville is in the central time zone and I've learned that I like it a lot, EXCEPT when winter comes and daylight savings time ends.  Then it's dark around 4:30 and this lover of light has a VERY hard time.  But it's weird how thinking in time zone conversions has become second nature to me now.

Our kids are doing well in their respective lives and that's probably the area of my life I struggle with the most.  Not that they're doing well, but that I just miss them.  :)  They're really cool people and I enjoy being with them and learning from them.  Tiffany is graduating in 4 weeks with her masters degree in counseling after being in school for 2 1/2 years.  It's been a hard process but she's been perfectly made for this and every part of her story has led to this point in her life.  We're going to FL for her graduation and we'll be celebrating with Mickey Mouse and his Christmas party the next day at Disney, so we're excited! 

Matthew is still teaching and took the fastpitch softball team back to the Elite 8 of the state championship tournament in his first year as head coach.  It was quite a busy fall and he's enjoying having a little bit of down time right now before baseball gears up for the spring and he has to assist with that program. 

Michael and Bekah have settled back into life near the north shore in Massachusetts where they first met and married.  They returned to a great church family, jobs, and are gearing up for weather that's quite a bit different from Texas and Indonesia which is where they were most of this last year.  We pretty much have to fly to get to them, but we love the area and are glad we have a reason to go back and visit.

And...that pretty much catches you up with the basics.  Maybe next time I'll be able to go into more specifics with me and what has kept me busy this summer when I did take time to be more creative.  Let me hear from you!

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