Monday, April 13, 2009

Yay for Friends!

So sorry for the delay in writing. Since the Webb's left, it's been very busy and a very difficult time for me emotionally. Those two combined facts have kept the creative juices a bit sluggish. I did want to share a couple of pictures from their time here and then I will call it a night. There's much to catch up on so I will post again tomorrow to do that.

We didn't eat any blue crabs which Maryland is known for, but did have some yummy seafood while they were here.

We walked around Fells Point which is the area we live in by the harbor on a beautiful spring day.

I'm still struggling with not having "normal" things I'm used to like parking spaces when you drive somewhere or grassy yards, etc. When I saw this sign in the midst of the gorgeous cherry tree blossoms, I figured God was telling me to quit whining and start living. :)

We had fun walking, taking pictures, and eating our way down the streets and just being outside in the awesome weather...which has currently disappeared.

Just in case any of you still wonder whatever happened with the wireless issues in our apartment, I don't really know how to answer that. Johnny spent some time with the computers and actually had wireless working for a bit. We took a picture to prove it to you!

However...for reasons unknown to many people much smarter than myself, the connection won't last and so I keep my laptop on the desk with wires plugged into it in order to get internet and to be able to print things, and try to remember to be thankful that I can do even that. Maybe someday. But we are very grateful for caring, technically talented friends who have given it a try.

It's way past time for bed! I have some cool sunrise Easter pictures to share with you so check back tomorrow. Night, night!

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Glenda said...

Love the photos!