Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Case I Don't See You

Good Saturday morning! Yes, it's been a while, but this will be a short entry. I have awakened in our Kennesaw home for the last time and there is much to do so we can hopefully have everything completely out by the end of the day. Tiffany and I were in Athens last weekend for a wedding and after sending her back to Boston on Monday, I've been here as the final work has been done. Hamp flew in Thursday and thanks to some wonderful (but probably very tired) friends, we got a lot done yesterday. We have piles for a storage unit, the stuff going to Baltimore with us, Goodwill and the dump. A word of advice - take a couple of hours once a month and keep life current regarding your "stuff". If nothing else, your children will thank you someday. And when they return from college each year, have them go through what they've brought back right then because "later" never comes.

No pictures for now and no time to reflect on the finality of leaving our house of fifteen years. Home really is where your heart is, but there are serious roots dug in and it's hard to pull them up. There have been a few tears, but mostly I'm just ready to have this move behind us.

Thanks for all prayers offered on our behalf and don't stop. There's lots of family traveling and moving still ahead for the summer. I actually will be back in Kennesaw in less than two weeks for the beginning of a two wedding visit. So to tweak the line in The Truman Show, in case I don't see you before we leave this weekend, good morning, good afternoon, and goodbye....but I'll be back!

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Glenda said...

Dear friend, I'm thankful the Lord is holding you together through all the busy details of this final stage of moving. I'm sure you must be tired in every way. Great advice about keeping current on "stuff"...oh boy is that a reality to me since I still have to accomplish those goals from the move last fall. Thankfully the school year is drawing to a close and soon there will be time to focus on the house. I pray the Lord will give you all you need in the coming days. I pray He will help you rest in Him.

Love you ALWAYS,