Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a New Year!

Even as I wrote the title, it's hard to believe it's 2009. I don't really make resolutions because for me personally they just become a measuring stick for performance that will never be perfect. As a first born, I don't need any help in that area. Instead, my goal is to give each day back to the One who gave it to me in the first place and ask what He's got planned for it and how He'd like me to fit in.

This year marks the 35th year since I graduated from high school. Because of Facebook, I've had a flurry of "new" friend requests from people everywhere that were once a part of my life. I'm helping a group that will be organizing a reunion and it's been fun to get reacquainted with old "new" friends.

It's been a busy week and one that saw a for sale sign placed in our front yard.

I'm not gonna lie - it's a weird sight and one I still can't believe is real yet. After all the painting, carpet replacing, sorting, donating, trashing, and scrubbing that's gone on to prepare for this day, you'd think I'd be more ready for it. And in some ways I am. But there's also been grieving in the preparation and my body, soul, and spirit are a bit weary. The family has all returned to their respective homes and while the quiet is much needed, it's hard feeling like I don't really belong anywhere right now.

Speaking of family, I never posted any pictures from the few we managed to take during the brief time we are all under the same roof, so here we are now.

So what's next? Hamp will be home next weekend for a doctor's appointment already scheduled. Then I'm flying to Baltimore so we can go to the Chris Tomlin concert on the 24th. Tiffany's birthday is the first week in February and it's looking like she and I may be heading to Orlando to stay with friends there and spend several days in Disney World. That one trip would provide some fun soul time in the warm sun, allow us to visit Jenn's new house, and redeem some heart moments lost at Disney while new memories are being made. Not too bad for just one visit, huh?

Hopefully, we'll get some potential buyers in the house and it will sell sooner rather than later. Regardless, I will probably head to Baltimore sometime in February with some furniture that can be spared so I can start building home there with Hamp. Between all the babies being born and people getting married, we'll be back and forth a lot in the next few months whether the house sells or not. I know people get tired of us not knowing exactly what we're doing, but we really are just kinda making it up as we go along. It's part of that daily non-resolution thing!

I'll leave you with a picture of Kit that made me smile. As I was boxing up things to mail to Hamp and the kids that they didn't have room to take on the plane, Kit decided to "help". Little does she know that she may be wishing she could travel in the same way when it's time to go.


Glenda said...

I love you dear friend! So much going on in your life and in your heart these days. I pray God will fill you with His peace as you wait for the house to sell.

God bless you!

your brother said...

What is it about boxes that attracts cats? Something to ponder if you ever have a spare moment.

The sign in the yard is strange. But, it's also a visual display of a cool new opportunity for you, Hamp and all your family and friends. 2009 is going to be an interesting year. Lots of new horizons out there to be explored.