Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures from Baltimore

Good Monday to everyone! I am back in Kennesaw preparing for a busy week. Now my brain is full of two "things to do" lists between here and Baltimore. It was very hard to leave Hamp yesterday because his job has never required him to be out of town much and we're not used to lengthy separations. I'm hoping the busyness of the holidays will make the time go by faster and I'm suspecting that will be the case.

The clouds finally cleared off some before I left, so we braved the windy day to take some pictures of the area we will call home for the next year. Hopefully by seeing them, it will help give you a better picture of what life will look like for us as we get settled there.

This is the front of the apartment building we live in followed by the route we take to get to our apartment each time we enter.

Once inside, we would actually greet you at the door, but the only place I could set up the camera for a picture was in the living room.

Once we get our own furniture there, we'll probably rearrange things so that the window behind us is completely open. The view is amazing which you can see in the following pictures. The first one is looking toward the left out of the window and the second one is moving to the right out of the same window.

When it's time to get in our car to go somewhere, we turn left out of the front of the building to go to the parking lot. This is the view to our right as we go into the lot.

If we turned right and didn't go into the parking lot, there are benches by the waterfront you can sit on and lots of walking paths that go along the perimeter of all the buildings in the area.

If you turn right out of our apartment building, you head toward the busier part of Fells Point. This park is a block away and in the process of being renovated. It's a popular walking place for people with their dogs so going barefoot would not be recommended!

Notice the cobblestone streets that make up this area. We discovered they are very slippery when wet.

Fells Point is a trendy area that is made up of a lot of interesting shops, taverns, pubs, and restaurants of every type. It was built up along the waterfront and if you keep on going, you'll end up within a few minutes at the Inner Harbor area of downtown Baltimore. It's a safe and easy walk and one we actually did twice while I was there. Some of the shops have doggie doors that open at the top so a patron can order food while walking their dog and others cater to the dogs themselves.

One of the things we're looking forward to doing when the weather gets warmer is taking the water taxi to various places along the harbor. Camden Yards is one of the destinations so that might be a fun way to get to an Orioles game.

Living in a city instead of the suburbs is a completely different way of life and I can see pros and cons of both. I found at times my spirit of adventure waned a bit especially when it was drizzly and gray outside. But Hamp and I are both excited about the path before us and look forward to sharing it with many of you when you come visit. While I still can't imagine driving away from what has been home most of my life, I know we will be OK and that God will be with us every step of the way. We will be ever so grateful if you would keep our family in your prayers as the relocation process has begun in earnest.


Patch of Flowers said...

What an adventure! I love the views and the streets and the atmosphere! You are going to have so much fun exploring.

your brother said...

Very cool! I think you guys are going to really enjoy the new setting. Just make sure you don't get mixed up turning out of the parking lot and drive into the harbor...

Tiffany Jones said...

nice pictures! you and pa look so cute and cozy on the couch. :) can't wait to see it in person! love you!

Erin said...

Jill, this is AMAZING!

Praying for you and Hamp, the distance is so hard!

Janet said...

Awesome! Find your sister a job there!

Betty Anne said...

From the experience of a colder place than on the water.....thus, lots of cuddling to stay warm will be necessary! I am so excited for you, my friends!!! I love you!

Steven said...

yes, find mom a job there

Glenda said...

The pictures are so beautiful! It looks like a wonderful place for both of you to begin a new adventure in your lives. The ocean is such a beautiful part of God's creation and I'm glad you will get to enjoy it any time you want to! May God help you with the moving details...He's very good at that! 16 years as a Navy wife taught me that...not to mention the last couple of self-moves we've done here in GA. When I'm overwhelmed, He always comes through!