Friday, June 17, 2011

Week Two

Well, it really hasn't been my intention to just write once a week on Friday. I finally got my pictures downloaded and organized so I'll have something to share with you in the days ahead. I think what I'll do is start from the present and work my way back and we'll see what happens.

First, our trip to the Grand Ole Opry last week was amazing!! I don't think I realized that it's a radio show with a live audience and when it's being broadcast, various artists guest in different half hour segments. I had heard of most of them which surprised me but being in the historic Opry House was really cool.

Lauren and Scotty did make their debut that night and I didn't take my camera because I didn't know if you could. (Yes, you can!) I had a Mom moment when Lauren was singing that most of you will appreciate.

First, a little history. The Opry used to broadcast live from the Ryman Auditorium not too far away. It was the symbolic home of country music and when the Opry House was built, they wanted a way to take some of the history of the stage with them. A circle was cut out of the stage and it was built into the stage at the new Opry House. As new artists sing on the stage, they're joining the history of country music by standing in that circle that truly has been unbroken.

Fast forward to last fall when two high school teenagers joined thousands of other hopefuls and tried out for American Idol. They ended up being the winner and runner up at the ripe old age of 17 and 16 years old. Because they are country singers, they've been embraced by the Nashville family and were extended an invitation to sing at the Grand Ole Opry. Lauren grew up dreaming of singing there and actually came to Nashville a lot singing in little places before 6:00 p.m. when she had to leave because the night crowd would start to show up. Scotty had only been to Nashville once but knew fully the history of the Opry connection and hoped to someday sing there as well.

Last Friday night, their dreams continued to become a reality as their parents stood in the wings on the side of the stage and watched. Because the lights were so bright, the kids couldn't see their parents and Lauren commented to her mom in the shadows that she knew she was there and that her song was for her. As she began singing "Like My Mother Does" which is the song American Idol prepared for her as her first release, her mom was hugged by whoever was standing with her - maybe a sister or a friend.

That's when it hit me - how many times have we all stood on the sidelines cheering for our kids knowing they were the best to ever attempt the task before them and so excited they were trying to live their dream? But Lauren's mom was watching her daughter, who just a few months ago she was sending off to high school and was now singing for her first and definitely not her last time on the stage their own idols have stood.  We get so caught up in our comparisons that we forget we're really all alike in the parts that make us mostly who we are. And that made me smile.

For those of you hoping to see me in my boots that night, well, it didn't happen. It was 95 degrees in the shade so jeans were out as an option and I just didn't have anything I could wear with them. I settled for an airy sandal with a sleeveless dress that kept me from having a heat stroke. :) Soon, I promise!!

I'll leave you with the link that summarizes their Opry debut if you click here and who knows? Maybe you'll become a new country music fan along with me!

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Glenda said...

It will be nice when you can show off your boots! Oh if only the hot weather would end!