Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Night

This is the last night I will be sleeping in our apartment in GA. Maybe I should rephrase that - this is the last night I SHOULD be sleeping in our apartment in GA. Being the smart man that he is, Hamp is already conked out. He had the more physical job today while my brain was pulled in about a million different directions as I dealt with payroll issues for a new company, updated letters to creditors for my mom, personal paperwork gathering and filing, and making sure we had everything together to actually make the move. I knew there was no point trying to sleep without unwinding for a little while, so here I am!

(Side note - the washer has decided to stop working correctly for the first time in a year. Really???)

Anyway....back to unwinding. I told you about this plaque a friend gave me a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I'd try to scan it and see if I could actually show it to you and it worked.

That really is all I need to remember right now. But it's OK to remind me too!

I still have a lot of pictures on my camera waiting to be downloaded to my computer and organized into folders. Since that won't be happening anytime soon, I decided to take a few with my handy dandy iPhone today so you could share in our moving adventure.

(Side note #2 - is anyone else having major issues with dropped calls on their iPhone, especially with AT&T? I have come perilously close to throwing mine far, far away many times in recent days. Come on, AT&T; if you don't get your act together soon, you will be losing lots of customers!)

So back to pictures...I thought you'd enjoy seeing Kit as she checks out the disaster that used to be called her living room.

I guess she wasn't too upset by all the chaos because not too long afterward, I found her like this.

Maybe I should try getting in a box.....

(Side note #3 - after my computer semi-died and has been returned, we're having to get reacquainted again.  Today it prompted me to download the latest update for Internet Explorer and I guess Google was in the mix too. As a result, everything looks different and I can't find pictures like I used to be able to, so even just trying to update here is now stressful. Sigh....)

I think it's probably time to try and get some sleep. It's entirely possible that there won't be another update until we call Tennessee "home". To that end, I'll let Helen Keller say goodnight:


Glenda said...

It was such a blessing to visit with you by phone this week. I so wish I could have hugged you while you were back in GA. Just know that I'm saving my hugs and when I see you again someday...and I'll be getting LOTS of BIG hugs! :)

I pray you will get some sleep tonight. I know it's so hard when your mind is full and your body is exhausted. For whatever reason it's always hardest to sleep when we need it most!

I love you dear friend....remember, you are FAMILY!

Remember....we're "in the Tupperware" !!!!

IN Him,

E said...

Is it wrong that this blog post made me laugh? I love your outlook on this chaos, Jill! Praying for y'all!